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About Another Mother - Laundry, Cleaning and Shopping Services


Another Mother was founded in the east end of Pittsburgh by a parent, teacher and former University of Pittsburgh student who understands that college students and young professionals don’t always have the time to do the most basic and necessary chores.  I understand that just because you can’t find the time to do dishes or wash clothes doesn’t mean that you want to wear dirty clothes to class and/or work, or that you don’t care that the dishes have been piling up in your sink for two weeks and starting to smell.


I can also sympathize with  the fact that even though  you do have a a few hours free from  studying or working, you really don’t want to spend it at the laundromat or grocery store.  There are much more enjoyable ways to spend your precious free time. 


Also, having taken care of a sick parent and other injured family members, I understand that it can be difficult to get out of the house sometimes to pick up groceries or medicine.


We offer to free up the time you would have to spend doing laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping so that you can actually relax a little and have fun, or at least take some daily chores off of your hands so that you’re not overwhelmed by them.


We offer a wash, dry and fold laundry service which can be customized to your specifications.  We will do your grocery shopping and pharmacy errands, your way.  And we will clean your apartment, suite or dorm room so that you don’t have to live in a semester’s worth of dust, dirt, dishes and takeout containers.


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