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Frequently Asked Questions



Laundry Services


What areas do you serve? 


We serve the following areas of Pittsburgh: The Southside, Oakland, Squirrel Hill, Greenfield, The Bluff, Downtown, Bloomfield and Shadyside.  Zip codes: 15203, 15213, 15217, 15219, 15222, 15224, and 15232



Will you serve any other areas in the future?


If there is a big enough demand, we will expand to other areas in the near future.



What services do you offer?


For students we offer: laundry pick-up, wash and fold, and delivery; grocery shopping and pharmacy supply pick up; and dorm, suite and apartment cleaning.


For non-students: we offer all of the same services.  Prices for cleaning will be adjusted to suit the size of your abode.



Is your detergent safe for sensitive skin?  What about the environment?


We use mild detergent, recommended for sensitive skin.  It is also a detergent that will not harm the environment.




What other products will you use in my laundry?


We use a liquid fabric softener (also safe for sensitive skin/environment), a non-chlorine bleach/color booster (similar to Oxy Clean), and a dryer sheet fabric softener



Do you separate laundry by color?


Yes.  We will separate lights from darks just as we would our own laundry.  We will wash all items on a warm/cold setting to provide a clean that is gentle yet effective.



Do you offer line/flat dry for gentle materials?


Yes, if you separate the laundry from the rest, we will follow your special instructions for a small additional fee.



Do you iron?


Yes, if a piece is separated and marked for ironing, we will iron for a small additional fee.



Do you offer dry cleaning?


No, but we will drop off and pick up your dry cleaning from one of our local business partners; just as we would groceries, for the cost of the dry cleaning plus a delivery fee.



Do you hang clothing?


We fold all clothing.  If you prefer to have certain items hung up, we can do that at no additional cost if you communicate that to us verbally via the phone or in writing via the forms on the website or in an e-mail; and provided that you supply the hangers.  We will provide hangers for 50 cents each.



Will you mix my clothing with the clothing of others?


No, your clothing will be washed alone.



Will you clean the laundry equipment in between each customer?


Yes, after each load we will clean the washer and dryer. 



What happens if I am missing an item after a wash and dry service?


Call us immediately once you notice something is missing.  However, washing and tagging each customer’s clothing individually as well as cleaning the equipment in between each customer’s laundry load prevents this type of issue.  However, we are human and it is possible that every now and again an error will occur.  We will do everything possible to locate your item and get it back to you within 24 hours.  If we don’t get it to you within 24 hours of your call, your next wash is free!




Do I need a special laundry bag?


No, any laundry bag will do.  We will wash the bag too!  Each bag must be tagged – tags will be provided upon your first pick up.



How can you tell if my clothing needs special care? 


Any clothing requiring special care should be placed in a separate bag inside of the larger bag with a “special care” tag.  Please tell us about your special care requests either verbally by phone or in writing using either the form provided on the website or in an e-mail.



What if I don’t have a laundry bag?


A garbage bag or large plastic bag will do.  However, we will not be able to wash/return a plastic bag and will provide toy with large, plastic, laundry bags for 50 cents each or a reusable laundry bag for a small cost.




Grocery Service FAQ’s


Where do you shop?


We do most of our grocery shopping at Giant Eagle, but are willing to go to Trader Joes, Aldi, Bottom Dollar, Whole Foods and Target upon request.



Will you go to the pharmacy for me?


Yes, we will go to the pharmacy if you’d like.  In addition to Giant Eagle and Target, we can go to Rite Aid, Walgreens or CVS.



What if I need items from multiple stores, do I pay the full delivery price for each stop?


No, after the original fee, there is a smaller additional fee for each store we visit.



How do you know what to purchase?


We will use your shopping list.  When given an item with no specific brand, we will purchase the brand that will save you the most money.  If you prefer a specific brand please indicate that on your form.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs.  We will only choose a different brand if you indicate that it is ok to do so and the store is out of the item that you originally indicated.



Cleaning FAQ’s


What cleaning services do you provide?


We do dishes, clean the kitchen, vacuum, dust, clean windows, take out the garbage and clean bathrooms.  We will pick up and put all items in a provided receptacle.  We will not throw anything in the trash except what is clearly garbage (food on plates, empty food packages…etc.).


How do you determine how much to charge?


We charge by the room.  You can choose to opt out of cleaning services based on your needs.


What should I have available?


We will determine that based on your cleaning needs.  It is easier for us if you have a mop, vacuum, and the special cleaners you require.  But if you don’t, we will bring our own.


What type of products do you use?  Are they green?  Are they heavily scented?


When possible we do choose green cleaners.  We also prefer cleaners with mild scents.  However, we will always choose the cleaning products that are the most effective cleaners while still being gentle on your home.


How do I know your employees are safe?


Our employees submit clearances and must agree to be drug tested at random.




Gift package and subscription FAQ’s


Can I purchase a gift for my son/daughter/friend?


Yes, we offer various gift packages.  Please check out the Parents’ page on our website.


How will my son/daughter/friend know that they have services?


We have several options for gift packages provided on our site for letting the recipient know that they have received gift services. 


Will the recipient be able to schedule their services as needed?


Yes, they can use the services separately or together as needed.


Do you offer subscription packages?


Yes, we offer all of our services on a one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. 


How does purchasing a subscription benefit me?


The costs of services go down the more frequently they’re used.  Please see the pricing page on the website.


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